Selection Criteria

Scholarship Selection Process and Guidelines

Bylaws: Article VI Scholarship Section

  1. AWARD. The Directors shall award a scholarship to be known as the “Trentini Scholarship” each year in the amount established by the Board on an annual basis to a graduate of Wake Forest Senior High School and Heritage Senior High School, or the successors of said public secondary school serving the Wake Forest  area. The scholarship shall be awarded to a recipient selected by a SCHOLARSHIP AWARD COMMITTEE to be named by the President from a group of nominees presented to the committee by the faculty and administration of WAKE FOREST SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL and HERITAGE SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL, or its successor. The nominees and scholarship winner shall be selected on a basis of the following criteria:
    • Overall achievement, including scholarship, athletics, leadership, and participation in all school activities.
    •  The extent to which the student has fulfilled his or her potential in self-development.
    • Overall character including the development of a set of personal ethics and values, citizenship, and appreciation of family and community.
    • Social development and maturity including the ability of the student to relate to his peers, his family, the school, and other social entities.
  2. Scholarship Committee. The president shall appoint a Scholarship Award Committee each year to select the scholarship recipient. This committee shall include 2 Directors of the corporation and one of these Directors shall be the Head of the Scholarship committee.

Outline of Selection Criteria

Overall Achievement

  • Academic
  • Athletic
  • Leadership
  • Participation in all school activities

Fulfilled Potential (Self Development)

  • “To Whom Much is Given, Much is Expected”
  • The extent to which the student has fulfilled his or her potential in self-development

General Character

  • Personal Ethics and Values
  • Citizenship
  • Appreciation of Family & Community

Social Development (Maturity)

  • Peers
  • Family
  • School
  • Other Social Entities